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Lighting Professional/Gaffer/Cameraman


With years of experience in Film, Advertising and TV Production, Serge Svetnoy has become a true artist painting with light. 
Being extremely professional and easygoing person, Serge Svetnoy is a creative technician and a strong team leader, who manages big sets at ease and also finds new solutions for low budget projects. Explore the website to see what else Serge is good at, and how he can help you make your next shoot perfect.


Serge Svetnoy is an experienced Gaffer  and Cameraman servicing the Los Angeles area. Svetnoy offers a wide range of technical support services, including lighting, rigging, and operating the camera on professional shoots. 

Born to be the lighting magician, his last name Svetnoy has became his unique ID, as "svet" means "light" in the country he was raised. 

Serge has a long history on set, behind the camera, working closely with the top Directors of Photography: Pawel Edelman, Tony Kaye, Shane Hurblutt, Douglas Milsome, Vilko Filac, Bruno Aveillan, Jean-Paul Seresin, Britta Mangold, Sebastian Pfaffenbichler, Dick Buckley, Ben Dolphin, Maher Maleh, Franco Paroni, Serge Roman, Pancho Alcaine, Jonathan Sela, Roman Vasyanov and many others.

 Shooting countless tv commercials, films, music videos and doing a lot of studio work, Svetnoy has spent a lot of time building up a reputation and making people look great. There is no task too difficult for Serge.



Painting with lights - this is the approach of Serge. Svetnoy can make any person look beautiful and create any mood of location, depending on a story and Director's vision. Serge can work with his team of people, or can easily adapt to a new crew, union or non-union.



Creating video content has become a necessity for the successful marketing  of any business. Svetnoy has been working with aspiring young musicians, influencers and startups creating video content for their social media. Call today to book your shoot and discuss the unique approach.



With HD technology and a fresh concept, Svetnoy has the talent and expertise to capture the magical moments of your life, create advertising and promo content brining each client unique experience and satisfy their needs.


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